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ADA Plaque Men 12" Triangle

Ada Plaque Men 12" Triangle - (ADA122)

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Regular Price (US$): $630.00
Sale Price (US$): $320.00
(Savings: $310.00)
Description:  12" Triangle ADA Sign - Mens Restroom - - cast bronze plaque or cast aluminum plaque. Satin finished raised graphics and borders with standard background colors. Vandal resistant, blind stud mounting included. ADA compliant typefaces and copy sizes. Grade 2 Braille.

Braille DotsOur ADA signs contain sign appropriate Braille characters (RAISED DOTS). This image shows the raised dots on our #106 ADA sign.

Shipping Wt. about 10 pounds
Material / Color
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   $320.00    2-3 Weeks    About 1/10/2019
   $480.00    10 Working Day    By 12/27/2018
   $640.00     5 Working Day    By 12/20/2018


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General Product Information About  Ada Plaque Men 12" Triangle

Bronze ADA PlaqueAluminum ADA SignOUR ADA plaques and restroom signs are all cast bronze (left image) or cast aluminum (right image) with ADA compliant grade 2 Braille, satin finished, raised; Braille, graphics, and borders with standard background colors. N.B. It is your responsibility to check that these are in compliance with local ADA requirements.

Unless you request otherwise, these plaques are provided with vandal resistant, hidden stud mounting consisting of 2 or 4 threaded studs (washers and nuts are not included). These threaded rods project from the back so as not to detract from the design (or take up room) on the front face of the plaque. Studs are typically used to support the plaque as a customer supplied adhesive sets. Click here to view mounting instructions and see an image of this mounting method.

All of our products are proudly designed and manufactured in the United States of America!

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