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Firefighters prayer - Large 36" by 24"

Firefighters Prayer - Large 36" By 24" - (1ST-FirePrayer-LG)

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Price (US$): $5,580.00
Description:  Firefighter''s prayer bronze plaque - Large

Shipping Wt. about 86 pounds
     Prices    Production Time    Ship Date
   $5,580.00    2-3 Weeks    About 7/23/2019
   $8,370.00    10 Working Day    By 7/9/2019
   $11,160.00     5 Working Day    By 7/2/2019


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General Product Information About  Firefighters Prayer - Large 36" By 24"

This bronze plaque is cast in what is know as 'sculpted bas relief' as opposed to a flat relief.

In a 'sculpted bas relief', the image is modeled in 3 dimensions and the raised portions of the model are raised to different heights.In a 'flat relief', the image is raised from the backgound a uniform amount - hence 'flat'.