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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Design Wizard for memorial plaques

Many of our customers ask us similar questions. We have placed the questions and our answers on this page.

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The Wizard was designed to use a small sample of the fonts that will cast. Almost any font will cast.

We provide details about font selection for bronze plaques here.

The Wizard was not designed to accommodate adding artwork to a plaque design. It was later improved to give it the ability to add a very limited number of flat relief artwork symbols.

For more advanced artwork, please request a quotation using our quotation request form.

The Wizard was designed to create the SMALLEST plaque that will hold the text you enter.  You can achieve the smallest plaque by selecting Arial Narrow font, all UPPERCASE letters (harder to read) and setting the size to 1/4". If the wizard will not make the plaque smaller, it is unlikely one of our designers can make it smaller.

The Wizard was designed to create the SMALLEST plaque that will hold the text you enter.  To create a LARGER plaque, try some of these suggestions;

Use a larger font size - this will first increase the width of the plaque and then the height of the plaque.

If you want a taller plaque, insert blank lines between lines of text or above the top line and below the bottom line.

If you want a wider plaque, increase the size of the characters of text.

YOU CAN NOT. The Wizard was designed to be easy to use.  It is VERY difficult for an individual, even one with experience designing castable plaques to make text fit a specific size plaque.  Just enter the text and see what size the Wizard creates.  Then add or remove text, or change text sizes, to come up with the desired plaque size.

If you need a price quotation, please fill out our on line form or send us an email ( see our ContactUs page) describing what you want.

Our products are produced using a sand casting process. In this process, molten bronze is poured into a mold created with a special sand. Sufficient room must be left around letters to permit the mold to remain intact as the molten bronze is poured. This design Wizard is 100% accurate and creates the smallest size plaque that can be cast using the text and font you select.