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Desk Name Easels

These bronze plaques are available mounted on a walnut wedge or on a bronze easel as a desk name plate, or with holes on each end for wood screws to be used as a door name plate. They fit perfectly in elegant office décor and are that ‘special gift’ for special occasions such as graduation and holidays. Each is handcrafted to order so make your plans early.

The ''screw-on'' name plates are cast to fit on existing plaques such as memorial plaques and can be used as date plates on existing memorial plaques.

Desk Name Easels

Regular Price (US$): $188.00
Regular Price (US$): $194.00
Regular Price (US$): $200.00
Regular Price (US$): $206.00


All of our bronze products are made from solid pure ingot bronze (no scrap metals or aluminum) and are 100% designed and manufactured in the United States of America.