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Memorial Plaques - 24" by 14"s

Our memorial plaques are all cast bronze. This section shows memorial plaques that are 24 inches by 14 inches. This is one of the more popular size cemetery markers. The text and graphics are satin finished raised with standard background colors. Vandal resistant, blind stud mounting included. Each of these items is handcrafted to order.

Memorial Plaques - 24" by 14"

Regular Price (US$): $1,642.00
Sale Price (US$): $1,542.00
Regular Price (US$): $1,742.00
Sale Price (US$): $1,642.00
Regular Price (US$): $1,842.00
Sale Price (US$): $1,642.00


Our cast bronze memorial plaques typically require 3-4 weeks to manufacture but can be manufactured in as little as 5 business days if needed.

All of our memorial plaques are made from solid pure ingot bronze (no scrap metals ) and are 100% designed and manufactured in the United States of America.

If you purchase a grave marker or memorial plaque for use in a cemetery, it is your responsibility to make sure the cemetery will permit you to install the plaque. Some large cemeteries will only permit you to install plaques if you have purchased them directly from the cemetery association.