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Round memorial plaques

There are 2 popular methods for casting round plaques - flat relief (like the U.S. Embassy - Dakar, Senegal plaque below) and sculpted bas relief (like the Department of Justice plaque below).

Many of these round plaques such as the beanches of service make ideal center pieces to a memorial wall with other memorial plaques.l

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These cast bronze military seals, are available individually or as a full set of 5 and these designs are ony available as shown in 16 inch diameter.  Each of these cast bronze seals weigh around 18 pounds.  They are provided with hidden boss & stud mounting.  If toggle bolts or machine screw mounting is desired, we can strategically locate these mounting devices to minimize affecting the face of these magnificent service emblems.

16 Inch Sculpted Bas Relief
Cast Bronze Emblems of the Branches of Service

These 5 seals are only available in 16" sculpted - as shown.  These images show the patterns used to cast these plaques.

These round bronze plaques are available in many sizes from 6" and larger in flat relief (such as the Dakar, Senegal Embassy Seal above) and only in the sizes specificed in sculpted bas relief (such as the 5 immediately above). The sculpted versions are cast using the patterns shown on this page.  We make no representation as to the accuracy of these designs relative to any 'official' version.