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Animal Theme Memorial Plaque with Horses

This is a small bronze plaque from our "Animal Theme Memorial Plaques" line. We have hundreds of sculpted animal figures available, click here for a sample.

Bronze plaques of this type can be created with virtually any sculpted image and any quantity of images limited only by the size plaque desired. It is most cost effective to use models that already exist in our inventory, but custom sculpting's can be created if requested.

This 9 by 8 cast bronze plaque uses 3 sculpted models of a horses head.

Plaque with sculpted bas reliefs of Horses
Animal Theme Memorial Plaque
with 3D Model of Horses


Size: 9 inch by 8 inch

Material: Bronze

Border: Single Line

Title: Animal Theme Memorial Plaque with Horses

Feature: Sculpted bas reliefs of Horses