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Memorial Plaque
Photo Gallery

All of our plaques are custom made according to your requirements.  They can be produced in any size with various border styles, letter sizes and styles, finishes and mounting methods. Three dimensional or flat portraits may be cast as part of any memorial plaque. We have grouped images of some of our plaques into grouping that may give you an idea of how they may be used.

There are many types of memorial plaques;some tell a story, some are simple markers containing a name and dates. Some have ornate artwork and others have very simple deigns. The size and design is up to you.

Since they are all custom designed and manufactured, there is no 'set model' per se.  Components of one plaque can be combined with components of another plaque thereby producing a third, totally different design.

The following memorial plaques all have unique design features. Since all of these plaques are custom designed, we can include any combination of these design elements on any other plaque.
Plaque with a floral border and white background.
Plaque wiith flat relief artwork of 2 hearts.
Memorial plaque with brass engraving plates
Memorial plaque featuring cats
Plaque featuring a sculpted dog
Plaque featuring sculpted birds
Plaque featuring butterfiles
Memorial plaque in a zoo memorializing an elephant
Plaque in a graden setting
Memorial plaque for a pilot
Memorial plaque for a musician
Memorial plaque with dolphins
Grave marker plaque
Memorial plaque with oak leaves
Memorial plaque with screw on date plates
Memorial Plaques with rose and screw on date Plates
Memorial plaque for sailors
Small Memorial Plaques
Memorial Plaques with Playground Design
Image of Etched Stainless Steel Plaque

All of our plaques are custom made. They can be designed to your specific needs and contain the text you require.  The above images present some ideas and layout designs.  By making text larger or smaller and modifying the size of the plaque, we can accommodate virtually any content you may desire.  If you do not see a specific design to suit your taste, please call our designers - there is no cost and no obligation.

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