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Memorial Plaques containing images are an exceptional value with numerous methods for depicting the image.  Thanks to current technology, the only limit is your imagination and budget.  The prices for including images on a cast plaque ranges from around $150 to over $2000 (in addition to the price of the plaque) so it is critical that you permit our designers to assit you in your selection of the appropriate method.

Comparison of plaque imaging methods
Mounting Location
(Indoors / Outdoors)
Accuracy of Image Production Time (1)
Metal Photo
Either 100% accurate
4 weeks
Etched Halftone
Indoors Only 100% accurate
4 weeks
Flat Relief
Either Artistic License
6 - 8 weeks (2)
Gray Scale Tile $$$ Either 100% accurate 8 weeks
Color Tile
Either 100% accurate
8 weeks
Photographic 3D Rendition (ImagePlaxx©)
Either 100% accurate
5 weeks
Sculpted Bas Relief
Either Artistic License
6 - 12 weeks (2)(3)
  1. Production times are estimated standard production times.  Expedited guaranteed production times of 5 day, 10 day and 15 day may be available.
  2. Flat Relief and Bas relief are not photographic processes.  The longer production times allow you (the customer) time to review our artists efforts and request changes if desired.
  3. Through the extraordinary efforts of the sculptor and the foundry, we have created a custom sculpted bas relief plaque for the U.S. Military in 10 working days.

View photographic examples of these methods here.