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Design your own memorial plaque
No waiting - instant designs and 100% accurate results
What you design will cast exactly as shown
Design your own memorial plaques using our Design Wizard
Automated - On-Line - Plaque Design

We invented the only automated on line memorial plaque design wizard in the industry.  Using this innovative and fun tool, you can design your own plaque and instantly see a graphic rendering of your plaque in real time. You can save the results or if you like your creation, you can click 'buy now' and purchase your creation at our secure on line store. Click on the image of the wizard or here to start using the wizard or continue reading the "The Story of The Wizard".

Using our design wizard, you can create your own plaque, view a graphic of your design, then make your purchase.  Many of our customers say they get a "great feeling of accomplishment" taking this do-it-yourself route.

Of course, if you rather have us design your plaque, just click here to request a custom quotation.

Images of memorial plaque designs by The Wizard
Below are 3 very basic samples of what you can design using our on line design tool. One of the greatest benefits told to us by our users, is that once the text is entered, it is trivial to select different borders (such as the single line, double line and Ivy Leaf border in the images below) and see how your finished plaque will look.
Image of Memorial Plaque Created by our Wizard Image of Memorial Plaque Created by our Wizard Image of Memorial Plaque Created by our Wizard
The Story of the Wizard

We started writing the software that became The Wizard in the year 2000 and published it in the summer of 2001. The initial version would only allow the design of a plaque containing no more than 3 lines of text. The concept at the time was that if more than 3 lines were needed, one of our graphic artists, rather than software, would be better suited to create the plaque design.

Our software engineer who led the creation of The Wizard had previous experience in artificial intelligence using the LISP programming language. It was this experience in artificial intelligence that directed the development of The Wizard to 'learn' the art of cast plaque design. The Wizard is not a word processing program that presents a fancy rendering of a cast plaque. Rather, it is a cast plaque design tool that, through artificial intelligence, employs the knowledge of real life cast plaque graphic designers. It incorporates all of the physical limitations that are inherent in the ancient art of sand casting - the process employed in the creation of cast memorial plaques.

Since cast plaques are expensive, The Wizard was created to design the smallest cast plaque that will accommodate the text that is entered. Due to the physical limitations in manufacturing a cast plaque, it was determined through experiments that allowing users the option of selecting a size and then entering the text was too complicated for the average user. This may sound counterintuitive but one would need some idea of how much space text takes when casting in order to select a size first. (i.e. just because you want an 8 by 2 plaque does not mean that the text will fit even at the smallest size than can be manufactured).

Since it's initial publication in 2001, The Wizard has significantly evolved. Going back to our initial concept of the involvement of a human memorial plaque designer, we have limited it to accept no more than 12 lines of text.

We have added a 3 question optional survey when users save their design. The comments we get are gratifying and have let us to the next version of The Wizard that is now in development. The latest version (scheduled for publication in late 2014) should allow for unlimited lines or text as well as the inclusion of graphics that have been prepared for the casting process.