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Sculpted Bas Creation Process

These images show the steps involved in the creation of a 3 dimensional sculpting (bas relief) for cast plaques.
While each subject is different, the process from photograph to finished sculpture is the same.

A sculpted image is the most endearing way to remember individuals on memorial plaques.

This technique is very labor intensive since it requires a sculptor (artist) and can add almost $2,000 to the price of a cast bronze memorial plaque.

Step 1 - We start with a photograph. Although we can use almost any quality photograph, the better the image, the better the modeling effort. Remember, the finished image will be an artists interpretation of this photograph.
Step 2 - Our sculptors create a clay model of the subject from the photograph. This is NOT a computer generated image. It is done by a sculptor. An image of this clay model is sent to you for your comments or approval.
Step 3 - When approved, the clay model is used for the bronze casting process. While the clay model is a monotone, the finished bronze casting contains highlights as shown on the left.