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Memorial Plaques - A Tutorial -Letter styles (fonts)


Memorial plaques are photographically reproduced from typeset letterstyles. As a result of this technology, practically any letterstyle (or artwork) can be incorporated into a cast plaque.

Listed below are 36 standard letterstyles most commonly used on memorial plaques. Other fonts are available upon request through our graphics library.

Custom letterstyles may also be provided for cast plaques.

Raised vs Recessed Graphics

The casting process creates plaques with 2 levels of graphics - raised and recessed. Graphic images are raised .100" from the background texture.



Letters can be recessed on a memorial plaque if the stroke of the letters is at least 1/8" at all points or serifs.

Example: Narrowest point on serif must be at least 1/8"

These plaques pictured below were made from the same artwork but the raised and recessed areas were interpreted differently.

Standard Letterstyles (Fonts)


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